About Us

The Whiskee Straw™️ was created by me, (Hi, Anissa here!)
I am a busy wife and mom of three and ALWAYS on the go. After struggling to use a “plain jane” straw to mix drinks such as iced coffee or dirty up multiple utensils to make my kiddos chocolate milk, this momma got tired of the mess and the hassle - not to mention the disaster of trying to use my normal straw to keep my protein shakes and smoothies blended once they started to separate. Ugh! So one day, with a drink in hand that was in desperate need of being mixed before I sipped, a brilliant idea came to mind! I needed a way to mix my drink without taking out my straw! So I sat there thinking to myself, if only there was a whisk on my straw... wait a second, a whisk! That was it! So I hurried home and told my husband about my GREAT idea and with the help from my husband and kids, we dreamt up the vision I had and VOILA! The Whiskee Straw™️ was born! My husband then took the sketched idea and brought it to life by welding it together. From there we handed it off to be tested by our children. It was a hit! They even came up with them name. Now, we don't go anywhere without our Whiskee Straw™️!
From our family to yours, Enjoy!
The Whiskee Straw™️ is a one-of-a-kind straw that allows you to easily and efficiently mix all types of beverages that will grace your cups! So, say goodbye to the hassle and mess and instead, grab a Whiskee Straw™️ to WHISK, MIX and SIP!